Creative solutions that meet your needs

We supply a wide range of high-quality personal care products at competitive prices. But nothing is standard. We develop just the right products and packaging together with our clients, based on their specific wishes
We relish the challenge of the creative process, which involves translating our client’s requirements into a turn-key concept.
This demands expertise in product development, sourcing and supply chains.
Since 1982, we have been a reliable partner for various brand owners, including high-street drugstores, supermarkets, wholesalers and department stores.

"With Toby’s, you can count on creativity and hard work, every time"

We distinguish ourselves from other suppliers through our personal approach, speed and flexibility. We always put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, listen carefully and take a proactive approach. Then, we move quickly from the drawing board to a custom-made concept.
We use our extensive network of selected and certified production locations to manufacture our products. Each location has its own special area of expertise, and we bring together the best from all of them in one range.
We can also source outside our existing network, and we are always happy to look for that one special product for our clients...
We monitor trends in the market and respond to them, proactively presenting new ideas to our clients. Our focus is always on achieving excellence in our supply chain, because ‘out-of-stock’ is simply not an option.
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