We are a distributor for a select number of personal care brands. Our organisation offers a unique combination of services for brands, including new, emerging brands. This means that we give our customers the opportunity to get to know unique brands, both new and existing.

What we do for the brands that we serve

We bring the brand to the attention of major clients. We arrange the storage and distribution of products for the retail and online channels, focussing on:

  • logistics efficiency and simplification
  • error-free data management
  • accurate forecasting and optimal availability

This enables you, as the brand owner, to focus entirely on product and marketing.

Advantages for the retailer

Our clients (retailers and web stores) can add brands more easily, because we eliminate a number of barriers:

  • Add a product or brand to the range, without needing to add an extra supplier
  • a single trusted point of contact for several brands in the range
  • a single flow of goods for a wide selection of articles

Our brand services therefore add value for both the brand owner and the retailer.

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