You can be confident that we will support you at every step along the product development journey. We make clients’ great ideas a reality.

Helping you to come up with the right product

Our team has plenty of experience in turning clients’ wishes into clear concepts. But we go further than that, and support you during the next stages of prototype, production and distribution. We will also help you to design packaging and artwork. And once your product is on the shelf, we will continue to provide monitoring and aftersales services. With Toby’s, a smooth product development process is guaranteed.

Toothbrush development

We are regularly asked to develop customised products specially for a particular client – like a new toothbrush, for instance. First, we identify the features that the toothbrush needs to have, such as tongue cleaner or cross-action bristles. When we have a clear picture of the requirements, it is time to go to the drawing board: the design process. Once everyone is satisfied with the design, a mock-up or prototype is made of the new product. When this has been tested and approved, the moulds are made and production can begin.

Cosmetics development

One of our special areas of expertise is the development of cosmetic products, which fall into several categories: mouthwash, toothpaste, foot care, beauty products and baby care.

Together with our in-house chemist, we develop the perfect formulation that satisfies all our clients’ requirements and expectations. A product needs to deliver on the claims made on the packaging, so it is vital to ensure that marketing claims are fully substantiated. We choose only the safest ingredients that meet all the relevant regulatory requirements, as well as the preferences of today’s clients. All our cosmetic products are approved by a safety assessor before they are put onto the market.


Our products are produced at various production locations around the world – from the Netherlands and Europe to the USA and Asia. All our production locations are certified and meet the highest standards. Under our robust system of quality control, all products have to meet our strict quality requirements.

Social and working conditions are also very important to Toby’s, and are integral to our company philosophy. We are a member of Amfori and all production locations are subject to a BSCI (social compliance) audit as standard. We strive to maximise sustainability at our production sites, taking account of environmental considerations and the surrounding area.

Supply chain

We deliver to our clients’ distribution centre from stock and Just In Time.
For us, good availability of products is absolutely vital. And so this is a constant focus for us: this is one of our added values.

Through our knowledge and experience, personal attention and a very powerful ERP system, we and our partners provide an outstanding level of service at the lowest possible prices.

Data quality

The accuracy of data regarding products is becoming ever more important for a smooth supply chain and communication with consumers. We are GS1 DAS certified and we work to ensure data accuracy every day, which means we achieve the highest possible data score.


But product availability and data quality are not enough for us. The logistical efficiency of shipments, minimising packaging logistics, sustainability and reducing our CO2 footprint are also key priorities for us. In short, the goal that we are constantly striving for is the optimisation of the whole of the supply chain.

 Quality / Aftercare

Guaranteeing the quality of our products is an important principle for our company. It is woven into the fabric of our entire business process – including sourcing, purchasing and supply chains – and it does not stop once the products are on the shelf. As a supplier, we are proud of our products and their outstanding quality. We are IFS Broker certified since 2024.

Whenever there are changes to regulations or in the market, we recommend which modifications to products or packaging are required. We also monitor responses and sales figures, and together with our clients we look at how we can make their range even more successful.