Baby care

We supply a very high-quality range of products for babies.

This includes nourishing baby cosmetic products, such as shampoo, body lotion, body wash, baby cream and baby oil. All our products are subject to very high quality requirements. In fact, our requirements for baby products are even stricter than for other products, and we only use the mildest, purest and safest ingredients.

In addition to a choice of existing formulas, you can also develop your own line of baby care products.

Together with A Little Lovely Company, a client of ours, we have developed a unique and natural range of baby products, based entirely on the wishes and preferences of our client. This is an excellent example of tailored cosmetic product development. We put our expertise and creativity to work and take care of every detail – from A through to Z. Tiny Humans products are available in Etos stores and online at

The range includes pads for use during lactation and baby items such as pacifiers, drinking bottles, baby safety pins and baby manicure sets.